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von 0001
06 Jan 2019, 06:21
Forum: General Discussion
Thema: Game kaputt?
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Re: Game kaputt?

Everything all right, just servers -was down. So waiting for fixing, and something like "say sorry" whith giving red plugin :)
It's standart situation.

By the way, if You got personal problem, and lose 1-2 days - thay say sorry, without any reparations.
von 0001
27 Nov 2018, 04:53
Forum: Offtopic
Thema: I just came to say hello
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Re: I just came to say hello

Try to join next raund.
Looking for nice game whith good playrs.

von 0001
14 Mai 2018, 17:10
Forum: Bug Reports
Thema: Player Slots
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Re: Player Slots

Lol! Or better to say Rofl.
You know that You have 2free slots and 2(3rd and 4th) slots whith premium* accaunt.
So it is interesting to no show empty slots, when you have no plugins.
It is not a new rule, and it can be halpfull to new one, who will looking what thay can put into this slots.
von 0001
11 Mai 2018, 19:17
Forum: Feedback
Thema: Plugin Factory - Practice Place - Experiment Shop
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Re: Plugin Factory - Practice Place - Experiment Shop

Wrong way. You should know, that plugins 2 main groups: 1. Transport plugins - use at transport. 2. Player plugins - used at player slots . Second group separait at 2 another group: 2.1. Permanent plugins - have no time restriction, have some permanent bonus. 2.2. Timing plugins - used by some perio...
von 0001
11 Mai 2018, 07:15
Forum: Feedback
Thema: [Collection] Small suggestions/feedback
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Re: [Collection] Small suggestions/feedback

Many server, whith no active players. Maybe You should start new one, whith different rules, like a championship server, where all players start whith secondary regestration - only veterans, maybe start at team , whith no posibility to change that and something like that. Or another type of champion...
von 0001
29 Apr 2018, 07:04
Forum: Feedback
Thema: Error 408
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Re: Error 408

Thank You. It was fixed, as You say .
von 0001
27 Apr 2018, 18:54
Forum: Feedback
Thema: Racing List.
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Re: Racing List.

"Also when you change your mind about the origin and assign a new origin, I don't think it should clear the guys you have already selected for that resource, this is time inefficient to re-pick them." Lol, it's not so nice idia, couse u can wait ur transport too long time (if first outpost was overl...
von 0001
27 Apr 2018, 07:34
Forum: Feedback
Thema: Error 408
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Error 408

Hi , dudes.
It look not good but i have problem whith connect to servers. (Curosity) last 14-15 hours.
It do not depend on my internet or phone, couse i use to connect not only mobil internet, and not only phone, but try to connect by notebook.
So look at this problem.
Location - Russia.