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von Kamtawn
08 Aug 2019, 09:43
Forum: Bug Reports
Thema: [Collection] Bugs
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Collection Bugs

there are other bugs that have kept the builds from being released publicly. You can get the latest beta version if you would like, please email support and I will forward the email on from there.
von Kamtawn
07 Aug 2019, 22:53
Forum: General Discussion
Thema: Sojourner Down?
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Sojourner Down

Can we please leave out our personal feelings regarding why a completely unrelated issues is all of you think responsible for the Wiki to be down.
von Kamtawn
07 Aug 2019, 01:41
Forum: Bug Reports
Thema: Translation / Übersetzung
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Translation / Übersetzung

This is the german translation for Hammerwatch. I have translated all strings in the game that I could, there are some missing strings that I couldn't find. This is not the final version, because I'm still not happy with some sentences and will try to get them better. Should someone have some sugges...
von Kamtawn
06 Aug 2019, 15:16
Forum: Guides & Tutorials
Thema: Berechnung der Gildenpunkte
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Berechnung der Gildenpunkte

Nettes Tool.

Fehlt nur noch der Hinweis, dass man einen Shortcut anlegen sollte, um nicht immer vorher die Konsole in den Vordergrund holen zu müssen.
von Kamtawn
05 Aug 2019, 02:05
Forum: Guides & Tutorials
Thema: Vorschlag zur Auftragsfunktion "Auftrag löschen"
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Vorschlag zur Auftragsfunktion "Auftrag löschen"

Besserer Vorschlag,

King Chris schaltet die zu Unrecht gebannten Personen wieder frei und entschuldigt sich für die boshaften Schikanen Umleitungen etc. die er diesen Menschen zuteil hat werden lassen.
von Kamtawn
04 Aug 2019, 15:29
Forum: General Discussion
Thema: Discussion Thread for "Changelog"
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Discussion Thread for "Changelog"

Will we see any user generated content possibly through the Steam Workshop? This could be anything from maps to gametypes or even just various skins for characters.
von Kamtawn
04 Aug 2019, 03:26
Forum: General Discussion
Thema: Server unten
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Server unten

Ive found that if I log into a server and leave while its loading, I can come back quite a bit later and still be connected. So dont pick a kit or spawn.