language and login on desktop ver.

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language and login on desktop ver.

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first of all , i didnt find where do i may change the language of interface of the game , on desktop version i have a russian interface , on my phone is english version , and i cant find the place where i can change the language .
second trouble is - i started playing on phone , logged in with my facebook acc , but when im at home , i prefered to play from laptop , but there is a trouble , on desktop version there is no fb button , i tryed to log in by using fb acc login , but not succseeded , on browser version there is a fb button , but for some reason it didnt working . so ... any suggesions how to play on defferent devices with one account ?

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Re: language and login on desktop ver.

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Hi tum,

you can connect your facebook-Account with an email by clicking on your avatar.
So you will be able to login also without facebook.

The language is based on your system language.