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From a noob prospective

Verfasst: 18 Jun 2017, 05:41
von Chicken
After playing this game about a week, I still don't have much clue about how to enjoy this game. So I started to search in the forum but I cannot find any topic that tells me what is this game about. And therefore, I am posting this topic to tell people what is this game about from a noob prospective in a simple manner.

Mars Tomorrow is a build, expand, and earn your rank game.This game doesn't involve any battle, no one is going to steal anything from anyone, and of course, no character is going to die (or even injure) in this game. Thus, if you want to see some "actions", this is probably not your game. There are multiple phrases in this game, and I am on phrase 2 at the moment. So lets hope that there will be something interest in later phrases.

In this game (at least up to phrase 2 so far,) there are only two things that really matter -- your Mars Dollars (MD) + Terra Points (TP). MD is use in most of part of this game, and spending your MD wisely will help developing your base quickly and expand your business efficiently WHICH will lead you to better TP earnings; and all players in this game will be ranked based on their TP. Tritium Credit is what players can earn/purchase by real money to make this game "easier". However, it is not a must; if you don't care about your ranking, you can simply play it in your own pace.

In the very beginning, you will start with some MD and you will spend it on purchasing building and tools so that you can earn MD + TP + material. Soon, you will expand beyond your base by using your drones and transporters to search and collect different material so that you can earn even more~ MD and TP. And that's about it, hope you people enjoy the game! =D

Re: From a noob prospective

Verfasst: 18 Jun 2017, 22:25
von ElCapitan1701
As I feel some disappointment between the lines you wrote I would like to cheer you up:

There is a spy drone after phase 4 which you can position into an "enemy" outpost to steal some profit. If you do that together with your guild mates you can hurt another guild quite hard. You can defend against it with an anti spy drone.
Every 3hours there are tenders being held - the winner getting Tritium or research points, terra points or money. The fight for Tritium or research points is most of the time very intense...good coordinating your vehicles can give you an big there is action, but I see your point, it is not that boom boom action most other browsergames have.

I enjoy this game by refining my strategy. Every round I play I have ideas how I could do that better next turn. The devs are still developing this game so most of the time conditions change too. Next round I start like all the others by zero and with the same chance. Then I try my new strategy and most of the time I get better.