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Guide - Helpful Tips

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Mars Tomorrow is an economy / resource game where the end-goal is to terra-form Mars and make it habitable, this is achieved by supplying the colonies with resources.

In this game, which ends after 83 days, you are ranked against everyone on the server. Your goal here is to rank the highest when the game is over with the terra-points you have collected. The points you get from your rank in this game is added to your Meta-rank, your Meta-rank is the aggregate of the game points you have earned including other servers.

Below is some helpful information and tips, this isn't an exhaustive guide with all information, I hope you will find some information useful.


When you join the game you will start at a colony on the Mars Planet.

At your starting colony you can create or join a guild, a guild has advantages in that you get bonuses from the guild level, guild members can collect Marsdollars and Terra-points for you that you generate. A guild has many advantages over playing solo so it is important to join ore create one right away, a guild also needs a leader so be that leader or assign one.

In this game you are competing against other players, other colonies and even against your own guild members. You are trying to provide the most resources to the colony to score the highest points.

The real person you are competing against here though is yourself, YOU yourself is the hardest person you will have to defeat, more about this later.


When you first start the game you will be at a colony on Mars, on the colony there will always be 4 resources shown, supplying these resources to the colony is required for the colony to level.
In the below example the colony needs food, oxygen, nitrogen and salt.

Resources are supplied to the colony by sending transporters to outposts nearby that produce the resources, picking up the resources and then delivering the resources to the colony.

In the below example, one of the resources needed by the colony is food.

You can either send your transporter to only go pickup food and deliver it to the colony (and not bring the input resources) or you can also pickup salt from the saline mine which helps reduce the time to produce food and then send food to the colony in a "Chain". It is important to feed the outposts you use with resources, eventually when the outpost levels up to serve the demand then 5 second loads times will be maintained by keeping those input resources full, very important!

The chain commands to your transporter would be:
1 Pick up Salt from Saline Mine A,
2 Take it to Food,
3 Pick-up Food and deliver to the colony

This chain will automatically repeat after you set the program for the specific transporter. The chain command will look like the below picture, in this instance a prototype is shown, the Jackolope.


There are 3 types of resources, solids, gases and liquids. There are 4 types of transporters, Liquids specialty, Gas specialty, Solids specialty and All-rounders.

Specialty transporters have the advantage that they are faster and hold higher capacity of resources than the all-rounders, they therefore deliver more resources faster. All-rounders have the advantage that they are flexible in that they can pickup and drop-off different resource types (Liquids / Gases / Solids), this is important since some outposts require liquids as an input and produce solids as an output hence putting specialty transporters at a disadvantage, specialty transporters can't do both. Your transporters can be upgraded by spending research technology points to make them better, speed and capacity for example can be increased.

Other players

What you see when you first start the game is the colony to which you are supposed to supply resources.
It isn't just YOU supplying resources to the colony, there are others in the colony who are doing the same thing but you can not see their transporters, they are doing this in the background.

How you see the other players supplying to your colony is by clicking on the colony, clicking on the exclamation mark that says "Extended", then pressing on "Active Players".

When you click on an active player in the active player list then you can then view their transporters and see how they have arranged their shipments, this is done by clicking on "View Transporters".

Player list:

View Transporters:

Always watch the top players on the server, look in their habitat to see what they were doing and what mistakes they made. Look at their transporters and see what clever things they are doing. It is buy watching these guys you will figure out how to catch-up and pass others in rank.

With each colony level, one new resource appears on the colony, the 4 resources must be supplied to make the colony level again. The higher the colony level the more terra-points it awards every 6 hours, this is called a terra-point dividend distribution.

Every 5 minutes the colony consumes a certain amount of the resources that all the players on your colony have stockpiled in the stockpile, in order to make the colony level you have to deliver more resources to the colony than it's current consumption, people will start moving into the colony when all the resources are past 50% of the input stockpile (when all the resources are shown as green status in the status bar). The rate of growth of the colony is linked to the percent of the lowest resource. So if you have 3 resources at 75% full on the input stockpile and 1 resource at 51% then the colony will level at the rate tied to the 51% resource. In this situation the colony will level faster if you shift transporters from the 75% resource to the 51% resource to raise the 51% resource faster, this is where guild communication and coordination is important.

Once the colony reaches full percent of population then it will level up, a colony growth award will then be given in terra-points. The input stockpiles do not have to be full, the colony just levels faster the more full they are.

There are many ways to lower your loading times at the outposts, you can situate a your loader drone on the outpost (which gives you a load time bonus), you can buy shares in the outposts or you bring the required resource, salt in the food example will decrease the loading time because the salt resource is required to make production faster. The loading time decreases at the outpost when the resources on the input are less scarce. There are other ways to reduce the load times, it is important in this game to explore and click all menus and press the help buttons that provide more information, study help buttons closely.

A level 1 outpost can only produce a certain amount of resources with the current congestion / resource supply, how you make this outpost grow is by congesting it with more transporters, the outpost will rise to the occasion to meet the demand and soon grow to produce more throughput at level 2. When the outpost levels up then it will consume some of your investment of shares you used to lower your time, it is important to often check if an outpost has leveled to invest more shares and reduce your time again, you are awarded terra-points every time an outpost levels in respect of the amount of shares you invested. It is a good source of points to use many outposts and invests shares. Only invest in outposts you use since your money will pay you back in your increased throughput. Investing in outposts you don't use does not make you faster there since you are not using it, save your money for the ones you use. Shares do not make the outpost level faster, they only lower your time, using and congesting outposts make them level faster.

Salt and Water are the primary resources that are used to create most of the other resources, they run the whole plant! ALL of your Solids and Liquids should have these as a start, this is where wealth is created. If you don't sit in these outposts and create that wealth then you can suffer long loading times at the outposts downstream. The more people in your guild that congest these 2 primary resources the faster and sooner these plants can grow to meet your needs in the entire duration of the game, get in these plants and create that wealth! Feeding Electrolysis A with your liquids and solids speeds up your gasers, so help your own self out! The Electrolysis A plant is the engine of the entire plant, feed it and congest it!

We had a level 61 water plant by the time the game finished, see if you can beat this.

There are 8 phases in this game, with each new phase new faster / better transporters are available with new research trees available to spend your research points on. A new prototype transporter is also available, the prototype is loaded with stats and is super fast. The prototype is found by opening "lost and found" containers, you will want to have tritium available to purchase these containers when the new phases hits. Tritium can be purchased in the game or by winning races. With every phase change new outposts will be shown on the map, the research points and energy you have accumulated transfer over. Each new phase allows to resources not seen before to be delivered to the colony.

...More to come...