Guide - Helpful Tips (Part 2) Read Part 1 First

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Guide - Helpful Tips (Part 2) Read Part 1 First

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As the phases progress the chains get more complex and it is fun and challenging to fill the input stockpiles on the outposts with long chains.
Below is an example of how complex the chains can be, in this instance the prototype brings one of the input resources one trip and brings another the next trip, this helps keep in the input resources balanced:

If you only bring the 1 resource every time on an outpost that has 2 input resources then every trip consumes some of the resource you didn't bring, eventually slowing the outpost down.


The Marsdollars you earn when you deliver a resource is tied to the scarcity of the resource in the stockpile, the more there is of the resource in the stockpile the less the outpost or colony pays you Mardollars per delivery. When the colony levels, the entire stockpile is consumed and the resource pays the highest again since the stockpile is empty. When an outpost grows the holding capacity of the stockpile grows, leaving the current input in tonnage the same, the price is payed relative to the percent full, so a higher price is payed for a time when an outpost levels since it is less full.

With every trip you make with a transporter where you feed the outpost and then also produce from the outpost, the input stock levels rise. If you bring a 13 ton capacity transporter to an outpost, you bring 13 tons of salt for example, the outpost uses 10 tons of what you brought, they take 3 tons from the Mars ground and send you on your way with 13 tons, but 3 tons of what you brought remains in the input stockpile. As mentioned earlier, the higher the input stockpile the less the outpost pays you in revenue, so these are declining revenue per trip. The growing input stockpile has a disadvantage in that the price pays less per supply trip in the supply chain (salt to food, food to colony), but it has a loading time advantage because the higher the input stockpile the less time it takes the outpost to create the resource.

90% of the players in this game do not understand that if you bring the required input resource that their loading time will decrease, they also do not understand that this is an important way to generate revenue. Instead of bringing the required resource to food, salt, they will just program their transporters to go and take food and not bring salt. Here they are taking advantage of other peoples hard work, knowingly or unknowingly, and just taking the resource and delivering it to the colony, these types of players will score high on the colony with terra-points since they had the shortest trip, just delivering food and not bringing salt.

As mentioned most players do not understand this, explain to them how outposts work and be helpful. It helps everyone in the colony.

The players who only set their transporters to bring food will have declining revenue and not make much money, they will reduce their loading time by buying shares, but they will not make much money to buy shares because of the declining revenue. You will beat these players in the long run by making more money and upgrading your buildings in your habitat, upgrading buildings can make you faster in your research center, you are also awarded terra-points by upgrading.

Habitat Buildings

One of the most important buildings in your habitat is your Cryptominer, your Cryptominer generates a certain amount of Marsdollars per unit time. This is stable income that is not dependent on the resource value your transporters are making. Level this building up fast.

Another important building is your Construction Yard, this building saves you time on every build you make, it makes every habitat building construction finish sooner which then provides you the bonuses from those buildings sooner. There are 100 Apartments levels to level, this building is available in phase 4, the construction building saves you time on each and every one of those levels allowing you to start the next one sooner. How you are you going to level all 100 apartments if you don't work on that construction yard? At a certain time your apartments will pay more than your Cryptominer.

The Refinery is also an important building, it generates terra-points which helps you rank higher in the game.

The cryptominer, refinery and apartments can all be boosted with energy, this increases the rate of income, find friends and boost their buildings, boost trade with them to increase your income.

Your Safe is also important, if you have a full safe every time you log in than all the money you were making from your upgraded buildings is going to waste, don't let your safe get full.

You can extend the total capacity of your safe with a settler account purchased with tritium, therefore when you login you will have more money to spend. I highly recommend a settler account, it has many advantages, I maintained a settler account for the duration of the game after I got the hang of it. A settler account also lets you build 2 buildings at once and save and restore you programmed routes on your transporters among other things.

Your Plug-In Factory is another great building. There are plug-ins in the game you purchase to install on your transporters to increase the stats on your transporters. You use your energy in the plug-in factory to improve Artifact (Red) plug-ins, upgrade your player and transporter artifact plug-ins often and you will become super competitive. Below are some screen shots from the plug-in factory. There are 2 types of plug-ins, player and transporter, if you start with a player plug-in on a merge you will get a player from the results even if you fill in the other 5 with transporters. If you start with a transporter plug-in on a merge it will spit out a transporter plug-in when the merge is done, no matter the other types to fill up.

You can save time on the merge by spending tritium for an instant merge.

In the Mars store you can buy new plug-ins to install on your transporters and keep the merge and upgrade process going. When you have bought the plug-ins for the day, you can refresh the store with new plug-ins so you might find Oranges, Purples and Greens to merge. When you have a red plug-in, an artifact, you can upgrade it, the plug-in factory has to be a level 3 building to upgrade an artifact.

Below is how you get the VR Navigation Unit plug-in, I had 4 of these plug-ins and was upgrading them in rotation. I was always upgrading 1 while I had the other 3 installed. The game developers provided a free Artifact plug-in that was my fourth.

If you don't see the VR Navigation unit as a player plug-in as the only option then don't start the merge! You have accidentally started with a yellow transporter one, look at the possible results before you start the merge.

Best player plug-ins in my opinion.

Upgrade your RED artifact player and transporter plugs-in, show below.

Also in the Mars store is the Starter Package, Plug-in Package, Improved Plug-ins Package and Turbo Plug-in Package, these are of great value when they become available.

In the higher phases your transporters will be so fast you can race in many colonies, sometimes by yourself so you win often. Connect to lots of colonies! You have to actually plant a transmitter right on the neighboring colony so make sure you do that, in about 5 hours you will start seeing the races for that colony. Keep your outposts healthy, a lot of the races I supplied the resources from home base because our outposts were so good. I raced the resources from Aldrin and supplied the race resources to Brahe, Magellen, Gerst, Hawking, Armstrong a lot, and won! Make sure to study the outposts and which to use in advance of the races, invest your times down, see which ones have a fire. Look at the next race you are doing and see where your solids have to go next for example, do that for all types. Only the inner 16 colonies will ever have races, not the outlying ones.

Handy racing map for reference:

There may be some players who have set their transports up to be greedy and making the short trips, 1 way taking off the outposts and not bringing supplies, providing the most resources to the colony and getting the most terra-points. These players are starving the outposts of the input resources and taking advantage of everyone's hard work bringing supplies. You can go join them in that behavior and suffer the long load times with them by not bringing the supply so you don't see yourself losing against them scoring on the colony. Or you can do what's best for the colony, make more money than the player doing the greedy takes and eventually beat them in the end. If you get greedy for terra-points it comes at the cost of money income. This is where you have to defeat yourself and your urges for greed. All terra-points are bought with money. You either buy terra-points by upgrading buildings with the money you made or you put yourself in greedy routes, making no money and scoring high terra-points on the colony (this is essentially buying terra-points because you have forfeited money income).

Good luck on defeating yourself and you will win!

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Re: Guide - Helpful Tips (Part 2) Read Part 1 First

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Great guide, very useful information. More players need to understand how the colony really works. This will definitely make me a better player and contribute to the main cause.