Indestructable Transmitters

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Indestructable Transmitters

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From game start, it is not apparent that transmitters are not destroyable. Many other things are to allow a player to shape his growth. I thought that deploying transmitters as far as possible is desirable, and perhaps to reach another colony. I now find out after 2-3 days that I have spent Mars dollars on transmitters and trying to reach another colony thinking it would be beneficial for me. I have learned from guild mates that this is not only wasteful but can be dangerous (as the other colony can be much more advanced in collecting resources and can steal resources as well).

15:35:54 DUGAN: Right... my NEXT colony will be better planned. But, I think the "manual" is lacking. I should know these things before I find out about them after the fact. I read the whole manual before really investing. That, for instance, is a pretty big thing to leave out.
15:36:14 philzey: wellll i tried the wiki, no good
15:36:22 philzey: the forum was much better
15:36:52 ElCapitan: you are right but on the other hand there are much bigger browsergames out there having no instruciton at all!
15:36:53 DUGAN: Yeah... I learn more here than from the manual.
15:36:58 philzey: you can reach support in settings at least
15:37:15 philzey: that's a good thing to pass on to them
15:37:28 philzey: but i'm sure they're already on it
15:38:10 philzey: ok, here's ur free connection and a crappy screenprint tshirt
15:38:15 philzey: lololol
15:38:18 DUGAN: Hopefully they read our chat sessions... that's alot to handle though.
15:38:27 ElCapitan: dont think so, the devs are two guys once working for a big browsergame publisher (no manuals there) and are very busy developing this game.
15:39:08 ElCapitan: but they read the chat, they read the forums and most things changed or introduced here were suggestions from us